Homeschool and the Dyslexic Student

24th April 2013

How does dyslexia lend itself to homeschooling? Two dyselxic homeschoolers - Year 3 and Year 6 have started their own blog, offering their honest and personal perspective on homeschool.

Updated JCQ guidelines

05th November 2012

Update JCQ Access Arrangement criteria is available @


iSenco is dedicated to helping families identify, and respond to learning difficulties that could aid their child’s development.

We are dedicated to providing each and every student with an equal start point in their education. iSenco has assessed a wide range of students, from Reception to adult and identified strategies to support individuals, according to their own specific learning profiles. Recent external examination results have provided further evidence of the outstanding success that may be secured by individuals with learning difficulties.

If you would like to investigate your child’s or your own learning profile, please see below for further information and the options that are available to you. Should you wish, you are invited to contact to discuss the suitability of an assessment and the potential support available for you or your child.

Alternatively, if you would like to book an assessment please complete the Family Questionnaire and send to All assessments are carried out by a fully qualified assessor, with a valid practising certificate and in line with DfES guidelines. Whether it be tests for the gifted and talented, or assessments that could aid individuals in exam conditions, iSenco will make a difference.


Full Diagnostic Assessment


An assessment to ascertain strengths and

weaknesses in areas of ability, memory,

phonological processing, handwriting speed,

laterality, reading, spelling and speed of processing.

This assessment is diagnostic and may lead to a

diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty.




Moving on to University? DSA is available to support you

with your tertiary education. This option is most suitable

for students in Year 12, however is available to students

in Year 13 and those already at University.


Full assessment of all skills and abilities for students with

an existing diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty,

for students who are concerned and have yet to be

diagnosed and for students who wish to have a more

current overview of their needs. Assessments carried out

by a Specialist Teacher with a valid Assessment Practising





A selection of Screening Tests available to assess:

Single Word Reading
Auditory Sequential and Working Memory
Handwriting Speed



Details and price upon enquiry


Please find below a list of further services available from iSenco:


Wide Range Intelligence Test (WRIT)

Diagnostic Reading Analysis

Comprehensive Tests of Phonological Procesing (CTOPP)

Specialist Teaching



Personalised school packages are available upon request; including staff training, pupil monitoring and effective intervention. Please email for further information.

Details and price on application

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